Demolition Derby


Saturday @ 7 pm

Gates and beer garden open at 5 pm


Adults $10

Kids 6-16 $5

Kids under 5 FREE

Demolition Derby General Information

Registration and car inspections begin at 3 pm

All cars must pass inspections by 5 pm!

Full Size Light Weld: $1200-$800-$400-$200

80's & Newer Hobo: $1000-$500-$300-$100

90's & Newer Compacts: $800-$500-$200-$100

All prize money is GUARANTEED!

Entry Fee Driver and one pit pass: $40           Pit Pass: $25

For more information about rules please call 515-971-1328 or visit

Featuring Power Wheels Derby at Intermission

All Power Wheels cars can be registered at the back gate with the Derby Cars.  This is event is free to participate in. 

Power Wheels Derby Rules

1) This is supposed to be fun for the kids. Parents, PLEASE don’t ruin it for them.
2) This is for kids ages 4-10.
3) Derby is limited to 6 or 12 volt power wheel only.
4) No added reinforcement for strength, let the kids have fun painting them.
5) Stock tires only, no screws in tires, No Chains, Etc.
6) Do not raise or lower. Power Wheels must sit like it came from the store.
7) Stock battery can be replaced with 12 volt lawn mower battery. Batteries MUST be secured.
8) Helmets are mandatory, bicycle helmet is ok.
9) Seatbelts are recommended.
10) No Passengers.
11) When choosing a Power Wheels for your child, Please keep in mind that these vehicles will be running into each other. The power Wheel will need to be the kind that your child sits in, Not on. So, NO 4 WHEELERS TRACTORS, MOTORCYCLES, Etc. Again Sit, Not on…